• Strawberry

    In Perlahuelva we were born to be producers of strawberries, a fruit that we began to grow and export more than two decades ago. Thanks to an experienced practice and the excellent climate of the Huelva region in which we are located, our strawberries have conquered the palates of all Spain and the rest of the world.

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  • Raspberry

    Thanks to our long experience in the agricultural sector, in Perlahuelva we have become a clear reference as raspberry producers. Our berries are recognized throughout the planet due to a careful cultivation process and a highly professional team in the field.

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  • Blackberry

    The commitment we acquire in Perlahuelva with consumers leads us to offer them the highest quality at all times. It is precisely this line that we continue with our role as blackberry producers. A 100% recommended fruit.

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  • Blueberry

    The multiple benefits of blueberry for health have made this product especially recommended by nutritionists and, consequently, highly demanded by citizens. To respond to this growing interest and provide the quality that defines us, in Perlahuelva we decided to become part of the blueberry producer sector.

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  • Grape

    The province of Huelva has a tradition of growing table grapes that dates back to the middle of the last century. In Perlahuelva, as professional grape producers, we are heirs of this culture and we put in front of you the best results of our vineyards.

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  • Aloe Vera

    Perlahuelva is synonymous with quality. This is attested by our extensive experience in the agri-food sector. Although, in our desire to continue advancing and evolving, we decided to diversify our production giving life to a new project as aloe vera producers in Huelva.

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