Thanks to our long experience in the agricultural sector, in Perlahuelva we have become a clear reference as raspberry producers. Our berries are recognized throughout the planet due to a careful cultivation process and a highly professional team in the field.

We are your trusted raspberry growers

Another of the pillars on which we have based our role as raspberry producers is innovation. The latest techniques that we use in our plantations allow us to extend the raspberry season to the whole year.

In this sense, it should be noted that we use the hydroponic system, which uses a sustainable organic substrate. This system allows us to control the amount of water and fertilizers supplied to the plants and thus optimize costs and avoid the presence of pests.

Consequently, our raspberries are characterized by their higher quality, better appearance, exquisite flavor, among other qualities. Without forgetting that they are a healthy and natural consumption option.

Our raspberry varieties
de frambuesas

The delicious taste of raspberries and their many health benefits have increased their demand in recent years.

In order to meet any requirement of taste or seasonality, as raspberry producers we have opted for different varieties.


It produces very large fruits, 10-12 grams in weight, and very attractive to the eye. It is also distinguished by its peculiar conical shape and its bright color. It has a pleasant flavor, capable of balancing the sweet and acid nuances typical of this fruit.


This raspberry variety is grown and marketed throughout the year, making it highly productive. It is recognized for its vivid color, smooth texture, and delicious flavor. Raspberries indicated for the most demanding clients.