The province of Huelva has a tradition of growing table grapes that dates back to the middle of the last century. In Perlahuelva, as professional grape producers, we are heirs of this culture and we put in front of you the best results of our vineyards.

Huelva table grape producers

Since the vine is an exceptionally strong plant and requires high temperatures for its correct maturation, the type of soil and the weather in the province of Huelva are especially beneficial for its cultivation.

For all this, in Perlahuelva we have spent years dedicated to the tasks of grape growers. We have a fairly large vine plantation of vigorous stock and with good fertility.

Thanks to these aspects that are so relevant to crop performance, we have managed to become producers of table grapes of the highest quality. The harvest period ranges from mid-June to the end of August.

Characteristics of
our table grape

Our table grape has a fairly large and uniform size, a spherical shape and a high firmness. Its high sugar content makes its flavor intense, which makes it a fruit that is particularly appreciated and consumed by the general population.

Likewise, the robustness of its bunches allows it to tolerate long periods of conservation very well and to be resistant to long transport. This allows that during the transfers, the fruit is perfectly preserved until it reaches its destination, ready to be enjoyed.

Do not forget that we distinguish ourselves among table grape producers for the quality of our fruit. We always use natural farming systems. We bet on techniques, both traditional and innovative, that respect the ecosystem and the purity of the fruits.

In this way, we get a table grape crop that results in fruits of unsurpassed quality.