Aloe Vera

Perlahuelva is synonymous with quality. This is attested by our extensive experience in the agri-food sector. Although, in our desire to continue advancing and evolving, we decided to diversify our production giving life to a new project as aloe vera producers in Huelva.

Know-how that differentiates us is also observed in our work as aloe vera producers. An increasingly demanded product worldwide that required a distributor of Andalusian origin and committed to excellence, such as our company.

Producers of aloe vera with Andalusian DNA

Aloe vera is extracted from a plant whose origin is dated in Africa. The climatic qualities that it needs for its development are found in the province of Huelva, hence Perlahuelva has become a benchmark within the sector of aloe vera producers.

Regarding its cultivation needs, aloe vera requires sandy soils, warm temperatures and is an enemy of excess water and low temperatures. All conditions that are fulfilled in our area, allowing us to provide a superior quality product.

It should also be noted that in Perlahuelva we strive to use natural techniques, which make the excellence of our aloe recognized both in Spain and abroad.

A clear commitment
to innovation

The cultivation of aloe vera represents an innovation within the agricultural sector, reflecting the demands of a potential market constituted mainly by companies in the pharmaceutical and / or cosmetic field.

Therefore, this plant is an interesting product for all those who require it for personal use. They thus benefit from its medicinal and therapeutic properties.

The bitter juice rich in aloin that is extracted from aloe vera can be used for different therapeutic uses. For its part, from the central area of the leaf, the gel is extracted with which most of the products made with this plant are made.

At Perlahuelva we captured these market concerns and decided to act. Hence, we have become prominent producers of aloe vera. We cover all kinds of uses in order to bring its healing properties to the largest number of people.