The commitment we acquire in Perlahuelva with consumers leads us to offer them the highest quality at all times. It is precisely this line that we continue with our role as blackberry producers. A 100% recommended fruit.

Blackberry producers in Huelva

The province of Huelva has become a world benchmark when it comes to berries. For our part, as producers of blackberries, we distinguish ourselves by the use of traditional techniques, avoiding the use of herbicides.

In this way, our blackberries always present a superior quality and an unbeatable flavor. The fruit that comes out of our fields is characterized by its ellipsoidal shape and dark purple color, as well as an exceptionally palatable flavor.

We also include strict quality controls in our procedures to ensure the food quality of our blackberries.

Blackberries in demand
around the world

Blackberries stand out for their sweet taste and powerful purple color. On the other hand, they are more than beneficial for your health so don’t wait any longer to include them in your daily diet.

Among its nutritional properties, its high content of antioxidants and vitamins A, C and E stands out, which make it one of the fruits that protect our immune system the most.

Although, in addition to its exquisite flavor and unquestionable health benefits, as producers of blackberries we have observed that its demand has increased in recent years both in the national territory and outside our borders.

In order to meet this demand in Perlahuelva we got down to work to get our blackberries to every corner of the world. We have a careful cold chain and professional transport network that allows our fruits to arrive fresh and in perfect ripeness at their destination. Ready to savor!

Our team takes care of treating the product with affection so that you can enjoy it in your home in perfect condition.