In Perlahuelva we were born to be producers of strawberries, a fruit that we began to grow and export more than two decades ago. Thanks to an experienced practice and the excellent climate of the Huelva region in which we are located, our strawberries have conquered the palates of all Spain and the rest of the world.

Strawberry growers with experience in giving you the flavor you like best

As strawberry producers, we do not limit ourselves only to taking advantage of the good weather conditions of our land. We make the most of it and combine it with the good know-how of our technicians. The result is none other than a fruit of guaranteed quality that delights consumers.

In this sense, it is necessary to show that we use an efficient technique for the development of our plantations. We grow our strawberries based on the system known as hydroponics. It uses a sustainable organic substrate to optimize the available water and fertilizers. In this way, the plant does not waste water nor nutrients, absorbing the necessary amounts of them at all times.

The result is Premium strawberries with an impeccable appearance, flavor and durability.

Varieties that
will surprise you

Below we present some of the strawberry varieties that we work in our fields and that allow us to rank among the best strawberry producers in Huelva.


It is one of the most popular varieties consumed by the general public. They are strawberries collected and distributed early, since they are usually the first to ripen. They are also highly valued for their high productivity, their medium-large size and their bright uniform red color. In the same way, they are characterized by an intense and pleasant flavor, which makes them a sure hit.


One of the great qualities of this variety is that it has a high Brix content. That means its sweetness is assured. Another aspect to note is its compact and firm consistency, as well as its uniform color and resistant skin. In this way, this variety of strawberry is one of the most used for distant destinations. It supports long-term transport superbly.