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Talking about berries is talking about health. More and more studies show the innumerable advantages of consuming red fruits for the body. With this scientifically proven reality on the table, it is logical that its demand around the world does not stop growing. All this without forgetting its exceptional organoleptic properties in terms of taste, texture, smell … A pleasure for the five senses!

In this way, we can safely say that consuming a serving of berries a day will not only satisfy our palate, but will also bring us great benefits to take into account.

Advantages of consuming red fruits: rich and healthy

The fruits of the forest have become a star product in our diet. So much so that nutrition professionals include them as an essential food in any balanced diet worth its salt.

Also, among the main advantages of consuming red fruits we can find the following. Although it is true that there are many more, but it would be impossible to list them all.

Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties

Its high amount of antioxidants, such as flavonoids, make red fruits a great natural anti-inflammatory. Hence, they are recommended to combat conditions such as osteoarthritis, irritable bowel and other types of swelling.

Cardiovascular benefits

Berries are characterized by their vasodilator power, which makes them a very effective remedy for lowering blood pressure and cholesterol. Therefore, they help prevent heart problems.

Essential in weight loss diets

Their low caloric content makes them a perfect snack since they are satisfying, delicious and also take care of our line. In this sense it is important to highlight its diuretic properties that help the body eliminate unwanted toxins.

Skin improvement

Once again, its antioxidant potential favors the well-being of the skin, enhancing its hydration, flexibility and toning.

Other benefits of eating berries

As we pointed out previously, it is difficult to reveal all the advantages of consuming red fruits. Although, to those already presented, it must be added that they protect vision, take care of the urinary tract, are beneficial for memory and much more.

in the kitchen!

After discovering by our side some of the many benefits of eating berries, the time has come to learn about the culinary versatility of red fruits.

Do not stay in the conventional and is that these fruits do not only give good results in desserts, but also fit perfectly in cold dishes such as gazpachos, salads, jams or appetizers.

On the other hand, they are an ideal ingredient for sauces and garnishes that accompany the main dishes of both meat and fish.

Let your imagination fly and surprise your loved ones and guests with innovative and delicious proposals based on red fruits.

Perla Huelva, much more than fruits of the forest

It is true that our work in the world of red fruits has made us a reference within the sector. However, the experience gained has allowed us to open other fields where the courage, innovation and know-how of a committed team like this were required.

In this line, the diversification of our product catalog has emerged, becoming grape producers and aloe vera producers. Both products add not only quality to the sector but also differentiation.

Do not wait to start taking care of yourself with the advantages of consuming red fruits and the rest of our products. Always choose Perla Huelva, always choose the ideal option. 😉

At Perla Huelva we take great care of all production processes. After decades as producers of red fruits, grapes and aloe vera, we can say that we have gained the knowledge of knowing what exactly our consumers and the market in general need. Unique qualities in the best hands.